The After 3 Minutes Please Disconnect From Your Phone & Make Human Connections Rule

Walking into a new brewery in town with a bunch of friends looking around at all the other patrons. What’s around? About 30ish different people similar in age to me ALL looking at their phones. Well mostly all. Given a few are in conversation but the majority of these people are in a trance. Seduced by a pocket sized brick mesh of plastic and glass to connect you with the world. Although when you are out with your friends given the chance to connect you focus on it for the entirety of the night.


This being a thing that is all too common even within my circles I am enforcing a new personal rule. The after 3 minutes I am going to show respect to others around me who chose to spend time with me put my phone away and don’t look at it for the rest of the evening and be a human rule. Kind of a long name, I’m working on it. Why 3 minutes? Well maybe you are meeting up with people or your girlfriend/boyfriend is running a little late and need the address. So yeah that’s okay. Go for it. But please after 3 minutes put that crap away.

Human connection is like sunshine. You fucking need it to feel good. Just like breathing in clean air or getting a full night’s rest. Try not speaking to someone for a day. How would that feel? Not so good I assure you.

Give it a try. Resist the phone after 3 minutes when you are out with others. It’s going to be okay and you will feel better.

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  • I was there, and I think I was probably fucking around on my phone a bit too much that night. Glad to know I’m constantly being judged in your presence 😛

  • You don’t tell me what to do! Good rule though