Free Download – Sketch Buttons Pack

It is clear that Sketch is becoming the new standard tool when it comes to design. I ran this poll the other day through twitter:

14 votes isn’t necessary a wide census of designers yet I was still very surprised by the results.

In most cases turn to Photoshop when designing anything for the web as I have been using it for over 15 years now (insert grandpa emoji here). It’s about time I start turning to Sketch for my design needs especially when it comes to doing interfaces. Not only because Sketch is becoming the new standard but also it is a piece of software that was created for my actual use case.

Playing with some more advanced features in Sketch I made this:

All buttons included can were generated from one symbol. You can toggle each state, background, and alter text as you wish.

Check this out on Dribbble to download it for yourself!

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