A Better Resolution – Focus on 5 Things You Love Doing

Yeah, something like a New Year’s resolution right? Nah – not so much.

Here as of late I’ve been doing some internal surveying of my life and attempting to maximize my happiness. In doing so I’ve been thinking of these routes to joy in their simplest forms. As to not over-compute something that should be easy for anyone to achieve. What’s the answer? Making a list (eye roll, yes a stupid list) of 5 activities that give your life more happiness and setting aside time to do those things. Pretty vague, but intentional because it could be anything.


Here is my list:

  1. Playing with dogs at the shelter.
  2. Making important people in my life happy through bad jokes or random acts of kindness.
  3. Camping and being in nature.
  4. Seeing live music.
  5. Working on personal projects (whoa here I am writing a blog post!).

Focusing on and committing to this list and referencing it on a regular basis is my goal for the next year. Off to rub a dog belly.

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