5 Badass Apps You Should Be Using Regularly


My all-time favorite iPhone app. A zero commission stock trading app. Really living up to that “Robinhood” name.

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Micro savings app, monitors your daily spending habits and routinely makes withdraws to a savings account. Best part initially not seen as a benefit by me is how low tech it is. All the messaging is done via text with digit. Makes it much easier than opening up yet another app on your phone to check. This has helped me pay off some serious debt and just about buy a new MacBook.

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I find during the week making a stop at the grocery store to a big pain in the ass. Wandering up and down aisles, waiting in long lines and then finally making dinner? Meh, why not just have those groceries waiting for you when you get home. Plus their website and item selection is done really, really well.

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I typically use Favor once a week now. It’s great for days I work late at the office. I just place an order right before I leave and boom… food at my doorstep when I arrive. Use code “MARKP3T” for free delivery on your first order.

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Why leave the house to pick up booze when you can just have it delivered to your door? Check it out and use code “awloi” for free delivery on your first order.

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